"To Play" was my first attempt at filming and producing a surfing video. I've always loved the lifestyle and mentality that surfing encourages, and I was lucky to spend several months in one of the best (kept secret) cities in the world for surfing, Dunedin, NZ. Dunedin is located on a peninsula that punctures the otherwise relatively smooth south-eastern coastline of New Zealand's south island. The positioning of this peninsula translates into favorable conditions for surfers year round, as swells are able to reach the beaches from three different cardinal directions. When I wasn't surfing myself, I was filming my friends and local surfers who took advantage of the frequently favorable conditions.
All footage was shot hand-held on a Sony A7II camera, or a DJI Mavic Pro drone, and all editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro.
MUSIC: Young Hearts by NoMBe. I do not own the copyrights to this song. All rights are reserved for the owners of said music.

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