When we think about life's "mountain-top moments," we're often considered fortunate to be able to identify even a few. After spending several months in New Zealand, I was lucky to experience multiple, including many literal mountain tops, during some of my first experiences through-hiking and back-packing some of the larger mountains in the country. When the experience was over, and the travel-partners and friends I had made along the way scattered to different corners of the planet, I struggled to articulate just how much that experience meant to me. "Fleeting Moments" was born out of a desire to visually summarize both my time abroad in New Zealand, and my processing of the whole experience upon my return to the United States.
I filmed, wrote, edited, and narrated this project. All footage was shot hand-held on a Sony A7II camera, or a DJI Mavic Pro drone. All editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro. Footage filmed on the south island of New Zealand.
MUSIC: Kusanagi (Instrumental) by ODESZA. I do not own the copyrights to this song. All rights are reserved for the owners of said music.

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