"To Dwell" is a project made in partnership with ABIDE Omaha. ABIDE is an inner city, non-profit organization with a mission to empower and transform the inner city, one neighborhood at a time. To do so, ABIDE relies on donations made by individuals as well as larger organizations. The contributions made as a response to this fundraising effort went directly to continuing the work on various projects; an education center, a computer lab, a health & fitness center, and household items for families in need.
I worked with the team at ABIDE for the second half of August, to create a fundraising video that would help raise money for their work in the North Omaha community. The goal was to create a video that contextualized the issues facing many people in the inner city, how ABIDE has worked with the community to alleviate some of these problems, and highlighted the areas where the non-profit still needs funding.
The video below is a teaser for the longer fundraising video, linked here and below.
Below is short excerpt from the full video. In this clip, members of the ABIDE staff recount the redlining policies from the mid-1900s that segregated Omaha, resulting in mass socioeconomic disparities that are still felt in the community today.
Click here to watch the full video on ABIDE's youtube channel.

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