Lizzy Barrett is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and videographer currently based in Washington, D.C. She the founder of Equity Media, a production company dedicated to creating compelling visual content at the intersection of media and social justice. Lizzy is currently directing, filming, and producing a documentary feature film on redlining, called "Divisible". The project examines the national policy of redlining, using Omaha, Nebraska as a case study to discuss its importance and continued impact. 
Lizzy also works full time as a Video Producer at the Voter Formation Project, a non-profit working to increase voter participation and civic engagement in underrepresented communities year-round.
Lizzy's media career is mosaic of full-time employment and freelance contract. Current and past freelance clients include: Getty Sports Images, the Warren for President Campaign, Fordham Law Advocates for Voting Rights, Designing the WE, Boston College Women’s Center, Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, ABIDE Omaha, Boston magazine, The Dow Jones, and more. She was also the Lead Photographer and Videographer at an advertising and marketing agency in Colorado, and the photography intern for Major League Baseball and Boston magazine. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a Bachelors in Communication, while working as a freelancer for various clients around the greater Boston area.

Lizzy considers photography and videography as both an art form and a compelling storytelling-tool. She understands how powerful media exposure and representation can be in a world that is increasingly plugged-in. As a result, she ultimately hopes to dedicate her life to capturing visually striking stories of marginalized communities and environmental issues that are too frequently overlooked and ignored.

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